Why is Transitional Housing Important?

  • If discharge from hospital is delayed too long a person’s confidence can evaporate and the impetus for maximising rehabilitation is lost. This can be very stressful at a crucial time.
  • If accommodation is inappropriate or inaccessible, the possibility of maximising independence is lost.
  • If there is no appropriate housing available disabled people may not have the opportunity of finding or returning to employment.
  • Shortfall of accessible, adaptable housing means many disabled people find themselves placed in nursing homes where they may become subject to institutionalised inappropriate living. It is very easy to become disheartened and disillusioned impacting directly on quality of life and self-worth.
  • Too many disabled people become the unwitting victims of inaccurate or incomplete assessments that can result in hospitalisation or having to live in an institution.

At Transhouse, we work to empower individuals to enhance their capacity and confidence to act on their own behalf.