Weekly Cost of a Transhouse Placement

Main Costs
(Care/Support Costs are not included)

Accommodation Service Charge @ £35.00 per week

The cost to a Transhouse tenant is £35.00 per week. This cost covers all of the utilities provided at the property such as gas, water and electricity, together with services such as Council Tax payments, TV licence and house contents insurance.

Housing Benefit Payment @ £332.08 Per Week

This is the remaining rent payable to Transhouse and is normally paid by the local Council from Housing Benefit. Transhouse provides the property in a fully furnished and decorated condition, which is also included in the rent. (The above costs are for those eligible for Benefit i.e. Income Support, DLA etc.) We are happy to undertake a financial assessment and agree costs for those who are self funding.

Advocacy Service

Support/advocacy is an additional service that Transhouse provides for tenants to assist with tenancy management, benefits, move-on accommodation etc. The cost of this service will normally be paid through the Supporting People Grant.