Access to Personal Information

This page tells you about the information we hold about you, on computers or in paper format, in order to provide services to you. It explains what we do with that information, how it is shared and how you can access it.

Why We Need Information About You

Anyone receiving a service from Transhouse (Oswestry) Ltd will have a record kept about them so that they can receive appropriate support. Records help to make sure that there is consistency and continuity in what we do to help you.

What Information is Held?

We currently hold information in both paper files and electronic (computer) files. Examples of the information we keep are:-

  • Your name, address, date of birth and who referred you for assistance (e.g. GP)
  • Why and how you were referred to us
  • Details of your needs
  • Details of the services you are receiving
  • Who is working with you
  • When services and needs were reviewed/ changed/ stopped

How can I see the information held about me?

All applications to access personal records must be made in writing. In the first instance you should contact the scheme manager.

Under the Data Protection Act 1998, there are certain instances where some information may be withheld if discolsing information would cause serious harm to your physical or mental health.


Everyone working for Transhouse (Oswestry) Ltd has a legal and professional duty to ensure that service user information is safe and securely protected.

When you supply information about yourself we will respect your right to keep control over how that information is used.

In order to provide quality services, we may share some of that information with other agencies or professionals, for example Health and Housing services.

Where required under legislation (e.g. Data Protection Act) your consent will be obtained before such sharing takes place.

If we need to provide information to other agancies for research or audit purposes then anything that canidentify you as an individual will be removed.

In the event of anyone not involved in your support asking to see information about you, we would contact you to obtain written consent before releasing information.